Immune Boosting ‘Nutritional Boot Camp’ By Tracie Cant

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A DIY, Immune Boosting ‘Nutritional Boot Camp’ by Tracie Cant

One of the key factors to consider when looking at supporting health and wellness lies in cultivating a robust and well-functioning immune system. To quote Hannah Green – “Good health – is more than simply the absence of illness”.

There are certain protocols one can follow and live by to boost the immune system and it’s function. With that in mind, it is necessary to look at the main causes of immune suppression – and how to avoid it.

A strong and healthy functioning immune system is crucial to maintain cellular health, where as a weakened immune function, not only leaves the body susceptible to illness – it also leaves it badly equipped to fight off invading viruses etc.

The Top Immune Suppressors

Sugar is one of the main culprits when looking at immune suppression, it causes inflammation in the body and raises the levels of acidity, promoting bacteria to cultivate and proliferate. Studies have shown that the immune function drops for a few hours after consuming large amounts of sugar, in extreme cases it may be suppressed for up to 5 hours. A better alternative Would be to substitute with a natural sweetener, wherever possible, such as stevia or coconut sugar.

Further studies have also shown that a healthy cell consists of around 80% oxygen and 20% glucose, necessary for cellular action and function. Diseased cells unfortunately tell a very different story – with the ratio of glucose to oxygen rising to dramatic levels.

Over consumption of this silent monster can also lead to insulin spikes followed by the all too familiar lows.

Red Meat

Is a high source of saturated fat (not the good fat) and is also a major contributor to promoting increased levels of inflammation in the body. High levels of inflammation impair the bodies ability to deal with invading chemicals, viruses and bacteria.

Oily fish is a wonderful substitute – and will also provide the daily omega 3 recommended intake – which will also assists in combatting inflammation.

Refined Grains

Have little fibre and limited nutritional value. They may also contain gluten – which has been linked a plethora of maladies that may cause stress to the system – resulting in high levels of inflammation. Reports have shown that added fibre – when consumed within a healthy diet – can increase immune function – try spelt, millet or rice as a gentler alternative.

The suppressive foods may cause the body to become stressed resulting in high levels of dehydration, high acidity and inflammation, thus influencing our biology. The developing science of Epigenetic’s states that many factors within our environment effect gene expression and function and ultimately our biology. Hydration, work, food, sleep, exercise and even our friends – can all have a positive or negative effect on our wellbeing longevity and health.

Top Immune Boosting Tips

The cornerstone to good nutrition and well-being. Adequate amounts of water are essential to flush out unwanted toxins and harmful cellular waste from the system. It is recommended that we drink half of our body weight in ounces per day – this will ensure that the system is flowing and balanced.

Try adding a little fresh lemon – this will also assist in the alkalisation process. It may be better to avoid drinking out of plastic bottles as this has been shown to have an adverse effect on hormone balances. Buy a water filter system – the Berkey water system is great – very easy to assemble and you will have healthy water every day –


Incorporate as many whole food vegetables and organic greens into the diet as possible. Organic and biodynamic food sources will have less possibility of chemical and pesticide contamination as this may disturb the immune system over time.

Greens will also alkalise the blood and give the immune system a healthy boost of oxygen. Green juices or smoothies are a perfect start to the day – add super greens to the mix or liquid chlorophyll. Try the organic super greens powder from synergy –


Important to keep the system moving and also to support the lymphatic function. A healthy and flowing lymph will in turn create a higher alkaline content in the blood. Rebounding and yoga are perfect for activating the lymph and also detoxing and supporting the system as a whole.

Try the mini trampoline – it’s not for everyone -but it’s an easy and fantastic way to partake in daily exercise at home. Dry brushing is another fantastic way to keep the lymph fluid and moving – do this in the morning prior to showering.


Essential to de-stress the body and mind. Many crucial bodily functions take place as we sleep to ensure optimal detoxing and regeneration. Poor sleep may result in the body not fully rejuvenating and thus resulting in added stress, causing an acidic environment that when left unattended becomes dehydrated.

Meditation is very beneficial in assisting the body and mind to slow down and relax. A weekend course may be a good place to start – try transcendental meditation


Limit your caffeine intake as it can have an acidic effect on the system. Substitute your daily coffee with a healthy option like Bulletproof. Drink green tea throughout the day or other herbal options to alkalise and refresh.

Excessive caffeine intake may also excite the nervous system. If you have disruptive sleeping patterns it may be a good idea to limit the caffeine intake to morning consumption only.


It is imperative that the digestive system and gut are in optimum condition:

Try intermittent fasting or juicing to give the organs a rest and help the body to cleanse and reboot itself while also removing excess toxic waste. Check out – Do check in first with a health advisor before any fasting regime.

Colonics can also be beneficial especially in collaboration with juicing and cleansing. They will support the system throughout the detoxing process and eliminate unwanted toxins. Check out

Probiotics will assist in cultivating good bacteria in the gut. Try a multidophilus from life plan or Udos’s choice super 8.

Above all it is about balance and seeing the body as a system of parts that make up the whole. If something doesn’t work – substitute it for a more healthy alternative that does. The body never lies – the more we are in tune with it and its signals the better we will feel.

The body is a miraculous machine – we just need to eliminate all of the disturbances that prevent it from doing its own natural work and allow the miraculous rejuvenation process to take precedence.

Please note you should consult a health practitioner prior to embarking or partaking in any of the suggested protocols and regimes.

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